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Outsourcing: Scrubbing Leads

Outsourcing is a big topic.  It’s sort of a fad now, but it’s also just the way business is run. Us small-business owners have to leverage technology and time in a smarter way to make sales, build our business and still have time for being human: relationships, rest, eating, helping.

I actually don’t like outsourcing because it involves managing people, something I’m sort of terrible at.  Lock me in a closet with a book, pen and paper and some good music and I’ll emerge days later happy and well.  But I need to involve people in my business to honor the other obligations in my life and take good care of myself.  And in order to do that I must outsource, AND prioritize what I outsource.

I start with WHAT I HATE MOST or WHAT IS MOST EXPENSIVE (measured in time or money or both).

It just so happens that scrubbing leads hits every one of those criteria.  To buy a new absentee owners list to replace the one I have would be well into the hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and to do it myself would take hours and hours that could be better spent talking with sellers or doing marketing.  

I also HATE, HATE, HATE scrubbing lists.  Any repetitive task makes me feel dead inside; it drains the life right out of me.  And there’s no pressing need for me to do this one (unlike other repetitive tasks, like feeding my children!).

So I’ve made it a priority to outsource this consistently.  Here’s a look at the instructions I came up with for my VA.  It’s simple, and really all that’s needed since I have a good VA and will also do a quick chat with her to answer a few specific questions.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 11.51.24 AM

I believe next up will be data mining for my probate leads!



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