About Me

The Paynes, 2007

I married Aaron in 2005, and just out of the gate, I knew I wanted something different than Corporate America could offer us.  I’m from a family of entrepreneurs, so Aaron’s rigid schedule with long hours wasn’t working for me.  I also realized pretty early on – maybe after the hundredth diaper and load of laundry – that I wanted to do something that was a mental diversion and challenge.

Combine that with our desire to be together more as a family, create memories, have adventures, travel, pursue our hobbies and serve others – and you have me trying to start a work-from-home small business.

We’ve gone through several business ideas – and always have more buzzing around in our heads – but I’ve been focusing on real estate investing since 2010.  (Ask me how I discovered REI – it’s a great story!)

I’ve done several deals over the years.  They were a combination of wholesale, buy and sell, creatively structured and seller-financed deals .  Our goal is to pay off existing debt and then make my husband’s job optional when we can.

Our Little Paynes, 2013

Our Little Paynes, 2013

For now, we are thankful for the income from my husband’s job, and the chance for one of us to be at home with the kids, using my extra time to propel us forward.

In some ways this blog is a story about my ups and downs in building this part-time business I have.  In other ways, it’s an index of real estate investment information that I’ve accumulated in my many hours of research.  In any case, I hope it’s helpful.

Thanks for joining me,

Kelly Payne

Feel free to email me at kellypay@gmail.com