How to Talk to Motivated Sellers

Hi friends,

Getting involved in real estate investing promises at least one terrifying experience: talking to a motivated seller the first time (and even the second, third and fourth time…).  I remember the first few months I started getting calls, and how cold my hands and feet went, how shaky my voice sounded, and how tightly I held onto my script!

My friend Sharon Vornholt hosted a fantastic call with me on how to approach talking to motivated sellers, and we literally flew by the seat of our pants doing a role play call.  I was really nervous going into it, but it ended up being a blast.

I hope you enjoy it.  Write me an email or leave a comment and let me know how you liked it!




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3 responses to “How to Talk to Motivated Sellers

  1. Sharon Vornholt

    Thanks for sharing Kelly!

  2. Vladimir

    I found your video on YouTube and I enjoyed it. Thank you very much for sharing your skills with newbies like me.

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