End of Year Questions to Ask Myself

While I’m waiting for my New Year’s Eve dinner to arrive (Vietnamese pho!), I’ve been thinking about the year.  Tomorrow I’ll have a bit of a retreat (at Starbuck’s, the only place open apparently) to reflect more fully. I’ll spend at least half the day (if not the whole day), asking questions, trying to answer honestly, and then loosely planning out the year based on my conclusions.

Tomorrow I’ll try to answer these questions:

What have I liked about the year? 
What has worked? 
What success have I seen? 
Which goals did I fail? 
Did I surprise myself? 
Did a technique surprise me?
Did plans change? 
Was I happier this year?  Why or why not?
What was most stressful?
What did I enjoy doing the most?
Which activities made me the most money?
Which activities lost me money? Time? 

What can I do to create more time? More peace?
Which aspects of my business do I want to keep?
Which aspects do I want to do less of?
Do I need to introduce new methods?
What is my main goal for the year?
What do I want my business and life to look like end of 2013?
Which circumstances am I in control of?
What can I do to simplify?
What do I value most?

How many houses do I need to sell this year to achieve my goals?
How many more house do I want to sell this year than last year?
Do we want to buy more rentals?
Do we want to do more rehabs?
Should I expand my market? Change my market?
How often and what kind of marketing will I use in 2013?
What is my operating budget for the business?
Which money spent in 2012 was most useful (in generating money or saving me time)?
Which new tasks can I outsource this year?
Which tasks do I WANT to outsource this year?
What main things need to change in my business to get it to work for me?
What can I realistically do and still be happy?

I hope to walk away caffeinated, clear-headed, budget and goals in hand, ready to start the year with as much force as I did the last.  Happy 2013 friends!



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2 responses to “End of Year Questions to Ask Myself

  1. Kelly – that’s an impressive list. You should be well on your way to meeting your goals if just by that simple planning exercise.

    • Thanks Sharon. It’s good to hear your feedback! And I’m hoping it helps. It seems that whatever time I give up to spend planning and prioritizing benefits me tenfold.

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