Professional Absentee Letter

Yesterday I put 100 Professional Letters in the mail.  I call them Professional, because well, they certainly look it compared to the handwritten yellow letters I wrote with my first campaign!

I printed them, using Mail Merge, signed them in blue ink, and then hand-addressed the envelopes – the same as with the yellow letters.  This time I included a return address, so that I can track down those with the wrong address.

Here’s the letter I came up with:

I hope I’m getting close to what I was shooting for: personal, but professional, and not gimmicky.  It took me a total of about 2 1/2 hours to prep these letters, and that includes about 2 hours of yelling at Mail Merge – hopefully it’ll be a lot less if I do it again.  It took me 10 hours to prep the handwritten yellow letters.  That’s a huge difference!  I’m hoping the response rate will be similar to the yellow letters – I would love to have a reason to stop handwriting letters.

If you have anything to add, I’d love to hear it!



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