2011 Wrap Up

The best thing that happened to us this year happens to be named Madelyn Ruth Payne, born on February 12.  It was a complicated, intense and scary birth but that was the worst of it.  She cooed, she slept she smiled and we all adjusted much better than my fears and plans allowed.  Praise God!

She is 10 months old now and I have decided I was right, after all, in giving myself an entire year for an adjustment period.  Not the standard 6 weeks or even 6 months.  I gave myself 12 months before I would think of losing weight, of making plans, pursuing adventures, or have the house running smoothly.  This is surely not necessary for everyone, but for me? with my third child?  Yes, it was, and the grace has been life-giving.

Without even realizing what was happening, in the last eight weeks or so I found myself wanting to organize the laundry and meals and what-nots in the house, and talking to Aaron more often about our debt and goals and dreams and brainstorming ways to move forward.  Just like that, my period of adjustment has ended all by itself, gradually and organically, without judgmental pressure or condemning “should haves”.

At the beginning of November, I was chatting with a friend of my husband’s family and discovered he and his partner were in over their heads with their real estate ventures.  They had leads coming in but not enough time or a good enough plan or system to follow-up.  I asked him if he’d ever considered having someone come in to help him coordinate his deals, to take over the tedious process of follow-ups, negotiations, comps, contracts and closings.  They had and in fact were looking for someone!

I emailed my friend, Shae, a veteran investor, asking if she thought there was an opportunity to partner up with or offer a sort of transaction coordination service to busy investors.  She did!

Then, around Thanksgiving, I paid an outrageously cheap price to try my friend Shae’s Financial Freedom GPS.  Aaron and I have read books and articles like it before, and are familiar with many of the principles in it.  But we needed a new starting point, and boy did we find it.  Although we were familiar with most of the budgeting concepts, Shae’s approach to getting out of debt and pursuing financial freedom were the first of their kind, as far as I know.  The entire e-book has been intriguing, innovating and inspiring.  Just the ticket!

We have a very exact plan, with aggressive and smart ways to earn quick cash to pay off debt and start focusing on the next stage of our plan: having Aaron quit his j-o-b!

I’m hoping it works out to partner with these two investors, but if not, I already have a marketing plan to find other investors to work with in the area.  We’ll see how quickly this can work, and where all the cards fall in the next few weeks.

Here’s to 2012!



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4 responses to “2011 Wrap Up

  1. Yay! So excited for both you and Aaron. Big plans for 2012! I’m so glad you’ve found Financial Freedom GPS to be helpful….I really feel like it fills a large gap left by a lot of personal finance info out there. Do I have permission to use your comments as a testimonial? 🙂

    P.S. Your kids are so cute!

  2. I had no idea you were doing all this — I’m so impressed!

    What is an “unclaimed fund business”?

    • Hi Kelly, Aaron’s unclaimed fund business finds people who are owed money after they lose their house due to delinquent property taxes. That’s right, even though they did not pay their taxes, and lose their house at auction, they are still owed any money paid for the house that is over the amount of their taxes! Most people aren’t aware of this, and need to be found in order to receive their money.

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