2010 Update

Obviously something is amiss, since I haven’t posted since July.  That “something” is more like a whole sequence of somethings that have interrupted our plans, but have not changed them (if you are an investor, you know this alone is a victory!).

My third pregnancy has turned out to be a difficult one (an experience I haven’t had before), and knocked me to my feet.  Exhaustion, gallbladder issues, back problems, swelling, etc. made it impractical to work as much as I was working before.  Add to that the fact that we are a family comprised of a 4yo and 3yo, and life sometimes came to a halt.

In addition, we found out in October that my husband was being transferred to a different city 1 1/2 hours away from home.  We’ve become a commuter family, traveling back and forth together, while all along trying to sort through our solution to this turn of events.

Despite all this, I am very proud of what my husband and I have accomplished this year.  To emphasize that, I wanted to enumerate those things, mostly for myself and my attitude walking into a new year!

My husband began an unclaimed funds business and managed to close on one deal and begin another.

  • The first deal brought in a net of $10,000 before taxes, with only $500 in upstart costs (including training).
  • The second deal is an unclaimed fund that will have to go through probate.  If successful, it will net his business $4,000 (before taxes).  Either way, we will be schooled in probate law in Missouri.  🙂

I closed on two real estate deals this year, which blows me away.  To close a deal is a very meaningful accomplishment      for me!

  • The first deal was a probate that I wholesaled.  For a whopping $500.  (But to see the relief on the woman’s face was wonderful, as well as learning the ropes and being paid to do so!)
  • The second deal was a tax sale house (purchased BEFORE the tax sale, directly from the homeowner).  I paid little for it ($1,000), then paid back taxes on it (~$4,000), then cleaned up the property a bit ($750), and then sold it for $9,000, netting my business $3,250.  I was very happy with the experience, and the lessons learned were big ones!

We brought in a total of $13,750 this year and I’m very thankful to see that 2010 was the year when feet were put on the plans of 2009.  🙂

In addition to the money, it would take a long time to list all the lessons we’ve learned, but they are invaluable.  We also developed many relationships that have benefited us and will continue to help us meet our goals, and spent countless hours ironing out exactly what those goals are: with a plan, we know exactly where to go!

We’re still working out our 2011 goals, since adding a new baby to the mix is tricky business (trust me on this people!).

I’m happy to end this post, hit publish, and feel the satisfaction of keeping this blog alive, since it represents my progress.  It may be be slower-going than my optimistic and ambitious self would like, but I am thankful and proud that we are persevering, and that will inevitably will lead us to where we want to go.

Happy New Year!



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2 responses to “2010 Update

  1. Excellent update, Kelly! Congrats to both you and your hubby for getting a great start to your businesses!

    I love your attitude! Wishing you the best with the pending new family member 🙂

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