Chicken Little No More

I am happy to report I did NOT fall off the face of the blogdom world because I gave up.  I’m actually ecstatic that it’s because I’ve been so very busy that I haven’t updated.  (Although I will consider it another reason to utilize Virtual Assistants and create more time!)

I have no facts or charts or productivity reports.  Alas, I have no time for it now.  Don’t worry! I am keeping it updated, I just haven’t paid any attention to it.

I can assure you that I have been EXTREMELY productive this month.  In fact, I’m making a baby!  Baby #3 is the temporary name for this precious little one, although I hope to pick something later that has a better ring to it. 

The due date is January 27, 2011, and seeing as how no one (well, almost no one) who reads this blog has any idea of who I am In Real Life (and how hard it was for me after little Emma was born), you might not understand that the very first thought I had when we found out was: Okay, that leaves almost 8 months to create the money in our budget for domestic help!  🙂

It’s amazing what true motivation (should we capitalize that?  Yes…True Motivation.) can do for you.  I have the ball rolling, and I do not feel at all like Sisyphus now.  I feel confident from the fact of necessity.  I must and will and can accomplish our goals.  (Did I mention I have a Superwoman/Megalomaniac complex during pregnancy?  It’s not exactly a complex if it’s real, though, right?)

With that said, my first deal came along!  And it wasn’t at all what I was expecting.  It wasn’t a wholesale deal, it was a short sale, and I have improved my knowledge of REI drastically with this experience.  I just submitted the short sale packet to the lender, which means that I’m only just beginning, eh?  I’m excited at what will happen with this one!

I also bought my first property, through the tax sale.  It was glorious, because Pregnant Super Kelly was able to receive the last-minue call on Thursday evening, work up all the paperwork for the sale late that night, have a mobile notary do the signing, record the deed and pay the back taxes on Friday morning (Yes! He did all that!) – all to stop the sale that would have happened on Monday.

And did I mention I did it all over the phone and computer while I was out of town!?!  How’s that for outsourcing and having a portable business?  😀  I was so overjoyed I forgot to stuff myself with chocolate that day.

Now we need to do a bit of clean up to the property and get that thing sold.  Since I already have the deed and paid so little for it, I’m not in the typical wholesale rush (and thankful for it!).

I have other deals in the pipeline (are newbies allowed to use club lingo?), but my biggest focus is to sell this property so that I can have the $$ to start getting the entire system (namely, VA’s) up and going again. 

Here’s to shedding that Chicken Little feeling I have loathed!



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9 responses to “Chicken Little No More

  1. Way to go Kelly! I love the hustle and determination. Congrats go all the way around for you from the baby news to you working it.

  2. Honey you are rockin’ it! Wish you well with this first short sale as well as the tax deed house!

  3. AND….congratulations on baby #3!! What a blessing! I know it’s an exciting time for the entire family 🙂

  4. Kelly
    First and most importantly, congrats on little one #3.

    Also well done on getting the ball rolling. That’s how to make things happen. Keep the pressure on and don’t let up off the gas.


  5. Hi Kelly, I know this is a very old post, and I’m not sure you’ll see it at all, but how did you find out about the short sale?


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