April Showers bring May Flowers

April was a hard month for me.  I’ve been marketing and marketing and marketing and have yet to get a deal.  My “yes”s don’t have enough equity, and my equity’s say “no”.  Here’s what I accomplished last month:

  • Sent 68 probate letters
  • Created a probate tutorial to outsource my research
  • Hired a VA to research 7 months’ worth of probates for $15
  • Sent 124 eviction postcards
  • Ordered business cards
  • Sent 5 vacant house letters

Not bad, but it’s disappointing not to have a deal.  Here are  the results of my efforts:


April 2010 Marketing Results

 You can see that probates are my overall winners.  They got me 7.3% this month, and 8.2% overall.

Evictions were horrific.  I have a .008% response rate for April.  I emailed Vena Jones-Cox (inner circle member benefit – yay!) and she gave me some advice on how to tweak it.  I’ll keep working on it.

My vacant houses (Driving 4 $) was amazing.  I sent 5 letters and got a call back.  That’s a 20% response rate!  And she was a yes (it’s a short sale in the workings)!

My total marketing (which began in March) looks like this:
Total pcs sent: 247
Total responses:  12
Average Response Rate: 4.8%

My statistics tell me that I need about 20 responses to get a deal, so I’m counting on that.  With an average response rate of 4.8%, that means I need a total of 420 pieces of marketing mailed to get a deal.  I’ve sent 247, so that leaves 173 more pieces to send.

My goal is still to get my first wholesale contract signed by June 1, 2010.  That means I have 173 pieces to send in the next two weeks! 

Here I go!



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2 responses to “April Showers bring May Flowers

  1. Kelly, keep going! Your deal is right around the corner. It’s fantastic that you’re tracking your marketing results so closely. It really makes a difference.

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