English Tea for Me

Scott Costello (at the Struggling Investor) suggested I know my motivation so that I can keep on keepin’ on.

That same day, I was making tea and read on the side of the box: “Native to England…Red Raspberry shrubs grow wild along road sides and in thickets”.

And there it was.


I’ve wanted to go to Europe at least since college, when I became fascinated with its history. And since being introduced to Jane Austen’s novels, I’ve fallen in love with the idea of visting the English countryside.

I immediately imagined this type of holiday, smiled to myself and went back to researching my probate leads!



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6 responses to “English Tea for Me

  1. Nice 🙂

    You should print out a picture of it…or create a collage of a few pics that also represent this awesome trip to Europe…and then put it somewhere you can see it often.

    I’m sure you’ll be headed to Europe in no time. Put a date to it!

  2. Shae is right. Vision boards help tremendously. My fiance and I are working on one. We each have our own goals, then we have shared goals.

    Also, now that you have a burning desire, I suggest an action list on how to obtain that desire. Take at least 1 step per day, no matter how small. Good luck. Watching another person work towards success is far more entertaining then anything they could put on TV.


    • Thanks, Jason! I’ve been making monthly goals, and then breaking them down into weekly and daily action steps. But I’ve really shied away from making my dreams concrete – maybe b/c I’m afraid they won’t happen? It almost might take more courage for me to do the vision board than to talk to a seller! 😀

      And I completely agree about watching other people’s progress – for me, it’s the best kind of reality show (b/c it could be MY story!)…

      Thanks again for the encouragement…

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