Elancing My Research

The word “outsource” keeps popping up everywhere around here.  It seems that every investor I come across is talking about outsourcing their work, and the book The 4-Hour Workweek.  (Have you read it?  Should I?)

Well, with my wrist(s) hurting, I thought I’d give it a go.  I went to elance.com and began researching how to post a job.  How in the world do I navigate that place when I don’t even understand that I want to “Get Services”, not “Provide” them??  Maybe I’m too capitalistic, but I kept clicking “Provide Services”.

I decided to just plunge in and posted a job.  Within 10 minutes of posting, I got 8 proposals!  I now have a total of 14.  The majority are from India, and the rest from North America.  I picked my favorite four and sent them a message outlining exactly what I want them to do, and attached my oh-so-savvy probate tutorial and excel template.  I mean, really, you couldn’t guess that I don’t know how to text! 

I have also received a few more calls!  Whoop! (That’s a Texas Aggie-style exclamation, btw.)  No deals, but calls.  From Vena Jones-Cox’s statistics, it takes 20 calls (prospects) to get 5 quality leads (suspects) to get 1 deal (cha-ching).  6 people have called me so far.

So even when it doesn’t turn into a deal, I go to my excel marketing summary sheet, enter the call, and see that I am ONE MORE CALL CLOSER TO A DEAL.  Yes.  I. Am. 

In other news, our tax sale season is getting close, and I’m getting uber-excited about the opportunities there.  Lists are published/released at the end of April/beginning of May.  I’ll post about that later!

Take care and do your best to have a great week – even if it is Uncle Sam Week!


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