So much to say…

How can so much happen in a few days?

I wish part of the so much that happened was I got a deal – but it’s not.  Close, though!

The lady I’ve been talking to about her brother’s property decided to do something else.  I told her we couldn’t meet her number, and she didn’t seem interested in a short sale.  She was very appreciative and said she would call if she thought of anything she needed.  I’ll probably call to check up on her next month.

I got ANOTHER call today!  Another probate, but in a very nice part of town.  It’s her parents’ house, cosmetically outdated (since 1968!), but otherwise sound.  Problem is that these people have done some research (which is a good thing to do!), but have misinterpreted the data to mean “We can ask for full price”.  I don’t know how “the house needs a LOT of repairs and updating” and “we’re thinking of listing it for about 4k less than the assessor’s value” go together.  I told her I’d look at the numbers and call her back.  They don’t sound motivated.  But I’ll take a 7.1% response rate on this probate campaign!  That’s two calls on the letters I sent out last SATURDAY.  I would love some more calls.

Also, I went to my chiropractor/applied kinesiologist on Monday and she discovered something odd about my wrist.  She said it was messed up, started working on it and I screamed!  Apparently, working on the computer so much (which has doubled the last two weeks) took its toll?  She said it was so bad I might need a brace!  She told me to avoid typing the next few days (ha!  I’m blogging right now.)

This prompted me to make the probate tutorial a priority, and I’ve decided to hire a Virtual Assistant to do all my researching I planned to do this month.  I’ll let you know how much it costs to live the high life and have someone do the grunt work for you!  😀

Have a great week!


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